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So what is a Wanderess exactly?

A Wanderess is a woman who wanders the earth, always in search for a new adventure to better herself. She seeks truth: a soul searcher, one who doesn't follow society or need its approval—  a non conformist. Such a woman doesn't blend in, she stands out from the rest. Her inner light radiates from within, however the glow from her skin... that comes from her facialist . -Morgan Parsons 

Inspired Skin

Osmosis is a complete holistic-medical skin and wellness solution with a unique philosophy based on analyzing the skin and body as a whole to encourage permanent change and overall radiance.

What makes our wax experience different ?

The use of professional wax and a gentle approach makes all the difference when removing hair from delicate regions of the body. “Wax Necessities is a professional high quality wax. Our line is effective yet gentle on the skin. Contains no harsh chemicals, and due to its patented special resin ingredient is up to 30% more economical than regular wax.”

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Wanderess Skincare

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Meet Morgan



Morgan’s amazing! I trust her with my skincare needs! -Anne K

Morgan walked me through a first bikini wax. I felt welcomed, safe, comfortable, and the experience was painless; Well, relatively. Please extend my best wishes to Morgan. I appreciated her.-Danielle M

Morgan was excellent! I loved the results! She was warm and friendly as well. -Debra M

Morgan is the sweetest & makes her clients feel comfortable.-Megan B

Morgan could not have done anything different. She is AMAZING!-Sierra L

First time getting a full body wax and I was very nervous but Morgan was amazing and the whole thing went a lot faster then I realized. Would get waxed again! 10/10.           -Wendy M 

Just letting you know you were literally magic my skin has never felt so fresh and clean, and I’ve never gotten so many compliments on my complexion before. All because of you and your knowledge and passion for what you do! -Madison S

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